Diges cues Immune

The gut is an incredible tube for processing food into substance and life for us.  Good food is not just matter, as matter normally dissipates energy and disorganizes, but is living matter, matter in an organizing pattern capable of enhancing our organizing pattern - matter in the state of unique organizing energy - life substance.  Many digestive (HCL, pancreatin, bile, etc) and protective substances (immunoglobulins) are secreted so we digest and absorb without destroying this pattern while recognizing, keeping out or destroying microbes or toxins that threaten. Food combining is critical because various types of food require their type of processing, e.g., HCl for protein but not carbohydrates. In improperly mixed foods, protein tends to putrefy while carbohydrate ferments. A damaged gut overreacts, leaks and poorly absorbs. The intricate system of protection is an often-overlooked aspect of digestion that, especially with improper food and poor food combinations, underlies indigestion and digestive problems. "Shoot first and ask later" inflammation is the rule of most new gut cells trying to replace lost gut lining. Until properly reestablished, they are overreacting even to good food. Healing is rebalancing digestion and immunity. Immune healthy individuals have established healthy immune balanced digestive systems. IPS, IAG, NutriClear, Livotrit Plus with Beta TCP and Colon Plus are some of many products developed to help rebalance this complex. 

Note why much of what is ingested is actually not food in the degree it often lacks both the materials and the life energy needed to sustain life. Our long-shelf-life "foods" have undergone extensive processing and preserving lest natures recycling microbes might also get life or sustenance from them. With significant life and substance removed (some have a few synthetics thrown in for "enrichment"), can we and our symbiotic gut microbes honestly hope to sustain life from what has little life in it? Sally Fallon, PhD Mary G. Enig's latest book, Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrat, 1999, gives exceptionally useful information on how to prepare real food for today. 

A growing body of evidence indicates that 60-70% of our immune system directly surrounds the gut. This immediate immune system develops along with the digestive system with its intestinal flora members of over 400 species that outnumber the body cells ten to one. Antibiotics, if given too young, often destroy the infant's many and very delicately balanced harmless and healthful intestinal flora which are necessary to cue and carefully develop the closely associated immune system. Immunity stimulating vaccines are found to over-activate aspects of immunity so as to create the unbalanced systems. How much results in colitis, asthma, or even allergies to good food, is being openly and hotly debated, especially in England.  Massive slaughter of all intestinal microbes is not the answer. We need intestinal flora. Without the natural protection of indigenous or reestablished flora, so begins dysbiosis with the next batch of food. Specific conditions can be specifically addressed. A good new phytochemical support against the opportunistic bacteria of the gastric epithelium, Helicobacter Pylori, is seen in Biotics new product, Bio-HPF. It contains Berberrine HCl, seven specific herbals and some minerals for toxin absorption and removal (see below). Such an approach does not extensively destroy the natural flora and supports the systems rebalance. 

The often quoted, "Death begins in the colon", of Metchincoff, an Australian Pathologist circa 1900 has plenty of evidence to support the statement. The digestive tract, going from north to south, has the colon as most south where all imbalances along the way become cumulative. Many seemingly healthy people, some famous, "suddenly" contract and die of colon cancer. It is the number two of cancer deaths. Little surprise seeing how many unknowingly treat their digestive tracts. Yet we shouldn't use such a statement to encourage ourselves to stay healthy because it's counter-productive. How well we digest is quite dependent upon our own state of mind. Negativity or fear, even of a mild nagging type, interferes with digestion (immunity balance) because it strongly of subtly moves the system toward the sympathetic dominant state

which shifts energy to a "flight or flight" readiness of muscles and brain alertness and away from proper digestive processes and secretions. The unattended food, of a good or a poor diet in a warm moist tube, ferments and putrefies to the degree it is undigested. Many past sages properly noted how genuine fellowship and laughter enhanced digestion and overall health. Balanced digestion/immunity is primary for anyone interested in good health. A positive state is more than mind games; its expression is health.